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Off The Panel: Inclusivity In The Comic World

Off The Panel: Inclusivity In The Comic World

This post is on the divide between comic readers and the rest of the world when it feels like there is intrusion in their circle as comics are becoming more widely accepted and interest is peaking.


Another Look At Asgard

I know I enjoyed the Thor movies, but the one thing I couldn’t help but ask myself is how much people were willing to look in terms of what is seen on the surface in the movies and what is looked at in depth from the comics. I feel more comfortable looking at three characters specifically between Loki, Sif, and Volstagg.

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Tackling The Demand For A Loki Movie


Some have been wondering if there’s any chance we could see a standalone film for Loki. He has been the supposed main attracting for the Thor movies and as the villain for Avengers he added that excitement that many villains would have trouble creating. While it would be nice to have a villain make it to the big screen with their own movie, it’s not something to be expecting anytime soon. It’s not a bad idea, but it’s also not necessary.

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Best Comic Book Movie of 2013?

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Here’s a look back at the comic book films that have been released this year. From Marvel, DC, to some independent, these have been met with positive reactions, some received mixed reviews and some received negative feedback. None the less a great year to be a comic fan, and a great year for the general audience to get in on the fun as well.

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