New Web Series of Interest

There is always that one web series I will follow considering I don’t watch that many videos as I used to on Youtube. There was Hardly Working, The Guild, Journey Quest, and now upcoming is LARPs: The Series.

With the following that the LARP community has, I do believe that if the series gains enough momentum and hype up to the first episode it could possibly end up to be the next thing like The Guild. Basically the same thing but a different game which is what I like so far about what I see. Sure some people may find trouble because they don’t think this is aimed at them specifically as a LARPer, but it’s also not something that laughs at them either, it shows the fun that can be had while LARPing. I’ve seen a good number of people find interest from both sides of the spectrum and that’s a good thing when this aims to entertain foremost. Something I support completely as I go through this next phase of obsession.

I’m actually very surprised that the month I start to take interest in this hobby is the same month someone tries to make this series.

Just so that I haven’t lost anyone yet. LARPing is collaborative pretending with rules. It is from these three equally vital parts that larping itself is born.  If we are missing any one of these parts then we are dealing with something altogether not larping. Without collaboration you are looking at a play, one man dictating everything via a script. Without pretending you are looking at a job or project. Without rules you just have a bunch of people sticking their tongues out at one another screaming, “Well MY character crushes your character’s brain with just a thought!” It’s with these three parts that we can define and create any larping experience. In the end the definition of larping is determined by the players.

The series is about the real lives of five friends affect their play in a live-action role-playing game—and vice versa.

Follow the site as well till the first episode’s release and watch the pilot episode below.


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