Comics I’m Thankful For

Honestly there’s not much for me to say I’m thankful of that I’d say so openly, but comics is not something I’d shy away from.

I’m thankful this year for:

Uncanny X-Men

The general audience has a bad view of Cyclops. Personally I have come to love his character and respect him as I have followed the X-Men over the years. I am thankful that Marvel took the opportunity to knock him out of his comfort zone and give him an image that allowed readers to re-imagine him in a better light.

Avengers Arena

What can I say, this one took me by surprise as I didn’t know what to expect from it and I LOVED Avengers Academy. This took on the concept of Hunger Games and Battle Royale and made an incredible experience that kept us at the edge of our seats despite the loss of some favorable characters. My hat goes off to you Hopeless as I await Avengers Undercover.

The Shadow

It started with Masks and from there I introduced myself to The Shadow who opened my eyes to the world of pulp heroes. An amazing class of heroes from Green Hornet, Miss Fury, to The Black Bat. All fun, thrilling and gives us traditional heroics which is hard to find these days as mainstream comics start to go in the other direction.

The Bounce

The Bounce gave me a hero that I could admire not just for his actions or interesting powers, but because I didn’t read that many books with characters like him who can be unruly. A rebel with a bark as bad as his bite. Not only this but a story which throws you into a world where they are all new to the idea of superheroes and superpowers.

Valiant Comics

Valiant Comics as a whole took me by surprise. A slew of books that are just so amazing, the stories and the art is so fun and unique. Harbinger, Harbinger Wars which was an awesome crossover, Bloodshot and the HARD Corps, Quantum and Woody being a comedic tale that is fresh unlike Deadpool, Shadowman, Eternal Warrior, XO Manowar, and all tying into their first superhero team book Unity.


Infinity has blown me away. This is one Marvel event worth reading not only because of the great artwork, but there is so much depth to this story that you feel invested in it. The tie-ins were great, it had a great influence on other books, and for once there was something real about it that didn’t feel forced. The Marvel Universe has screwed with time more times than they ever should and now there is actually a consequence for this, they are actually being held accountable for using that plot device.


I don’t hate Batman, but I also have no interest in him. That’s not to say I don’t care for the Bat Family. Batwing is the one who brought me into his world and is someone I can appreciate because he brings something new to the table. He’s basically the opposite of Batman and I find how he handles situations more entertaining. Plus his suit is badass.

Injustice: Gods Among Us

One book which you can read without worrying about continuity. There are many readers who underestimate the ability of a prequel to tell a story worth following. Since the very beginning that is what Tom Taylor has done with this series. Going on 35 issues this series has done nothing but impress as a representation of what DC has to offer. You aren’t just reading what lead to that moment, you are getting a new perspective on it altogether. What you thought didn’t make sense now makes sense. What you thought should have been explored is explored in this story. What added to the emotional impact of the overall story this book provided for you. So many gaps and mysteries in between at the same time which makes you wish those five years skipped in the game was acted upon.

Comic Reader Friends

I am thankful that I have people who I can talk to about comics. They don’t just watch the movies and think they know stuff. They actually actively read comics and can engage me in a conversation without letting their own sense of logic do the talking for them. I am also thankful for where AA has gotten me in terms of comic reviews, getting my voice out there, talking to writers/artists, and getting on the press lists for information. Then moving on to Geeked Out Nation where there is a solid team that has a goal in terms of comics.

How about you?


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