Another Look At Asgard

I know I enjoyed the Thor movies, but the one thing I couldn’t help but ask myself is how much people were willing to look in terms of what is seen on the surface in the movies and what is looked at in depth from the comics. I feel more comfortable looking at three characters specifically between Loki, Sif, and Volstagg.


Many see Loki as someone who looks for approval or love from those closest to him. But it runs a bit deeper than that, it’s him finding his place among people who stand taller than he could ever imagine. It’s about his resentful nature towards the differences between how he and Thor were treated by the citizens of Asgard. He felt inferior, out of place, ignored because he didn’t have that strength, tenacity, and bravery in battle that everyone else had and admired. Loki is just a child who wanted to feel special and spends most of his life craving power to prove his worth. That is what you get from him dramatics aside. You could relate to his childhood, but that sympathy should be lost along the way.

It’s that realization that ultimately led to his death, one that he planned for himself to find a new approach to his goals. Not much complex about him besides a craving for power and the urge for trickery. Such which were of course remedied when he became a child, though a bit older now.

Lady Sif

One of the most underrated heroes in Marvel that tested her metal and shocked us all. Her story is one that emphasizes her capabilities as a warrior, not only as she is powerful, but she can be ruthless if necessary. Not to mention that she is among the most wise in Asgardia. What makes her stand out amongst the rest is that Lady Sif believes in tradition, a tradition that she fears could be forgotten. This leads her on her own adventures to explore what has been left in the past, to try and become the greatest warrior she can be. She is pretty much the heart of Asgard. Not a born leader, but one who has all the potential to be one.


Volstagg is the man who you trust to get the job done. A force to be reckoned with in battle, yet also can be quite formidable as a diplomat. He has gone through a lot of personal growth over the years aside from being a confidante of Thor. He is one of the bravest warriors that they have who is always ready to lay down his weapon for Asgard. One who displays the most sense of sacrifice despite having a pretty large family to go home to after every fight. You see how loyal Volstagg can be though sometimes you have to be able to look a bit deeper to appreciate what he offers. As wise as Sif can be, she is pretty outmatched by him and his experience. This accounts to his age as well. What you also may not see is that the humor you find when they are all together, comes from Volstagg who is very good with his words. You can take him seriously, but he won’t always be that way as someone who finds joy in what he does best.


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