From Villains to Heroes, And In-Between

Seeing DC’s top villains article made me think of all the villains they could put up who aren’t really villains anymore. Yes everyone likes to say it’s based on a wider scope, but a list like that should show some progress towards continuity. So since they already covered DC, I’m not going to trail back there, but I’d like to point out Marvel and other characters who have made some change.

Superior Spider-Man

Peter out, Otto in. Otto is the next step when Peter fails to tap into his true potential and come up with actual solutions instead of band-aids or slaps on the wrists. A successful change which Dan Slott has made to the character and if you follow the books, you’d see why. Otto is no saint, but you really do have to hope it stays this way for longer than the upset fans demand. Like the Massacre incident and others, this status quo lets areas like lethal force be explored and that’s interesting for a Spider-Man book.


The most dangerous entity on Earth, now lobotomized weapon and suit. As Flash he is a washed up man who is trying to pick up the pieces of a troubled life he wants to leave in the past. Between his abusive father, shame as a bully, losing his legs in the war, and losing the one girl he loved the most. The Venom we all know and fear is now but a vegetable. The government killed the switch on his brain in order to use him as a weapon. And the host was someone they chose of conviction and who was a model soldier, who just so happened to be Flash. At first he had to prove himself to them as most other hosts failed, died or were decommissioned. But he did what the others couldn’t to control Venom and become the hero he always wanted to be.


Magneto is a well known villain, one of the best, but not anymore. Yes he was a terrorist, yes he killed people, and yes he has killed mutants too who have stood in his way. But like it or not, he has paid his dues. Again, read the books to see how this change came to be. Someone who wanted the best for his people, yet after so much failure and seeing where a leader like Cyclops is doing more than he could ever have, he decided that it was time to make a move towards legitimate progression. Made public apologies, saved lives, and even as you question why he has not been arrested? Only ask yourself why they simply say “Mutant problems, mutant solutions”. The world doesn’t question that, so we don’t either.

Green Hornet

He’s not your general vigilante that you’re used to. Tricking the underworld of criminals into thinking that they’re villains to put them into a false sense of security around him, more so to even fear him as well. In this issue Waid has set Green Hornet as the villain. The man that the law blames for all their troubles and crimes in which they cannot explain. Of course this doesn’t mean that he is actually the villain, but that is how he carries out his job.


Loki made a big impact in the Marvel Universe with his solo series “Journey Into Mystery’. This as I will repeat is one book you should not ignore. If you do you will be missing out in a story that really shows what happens when you take someone who was evil in an old life, has that potential to be evil and have them go above and beyond to prove a world that hates him wrong. Now that Loki isn’t really around anymore in spirit, but even as the old Loki is back in a younger body, the world has still left enough of an impression on him that he continues to do good(somewhat).


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